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Key Highlights

  • In Debary, FL, when you’re looking for someone to handle your roofing needs, Pinnacle Roofing Group really stands out. They’ve built a reputation on doing top-notch work and bringing years of experience to the table. This means they can give their customers real peace of mind because they know their roofs are being taken care of by some of the best in the business. Whether it’s fixing up an old roof or putting in a new one, these guys have got it covered with dedication and skill.

    • With quality craftsmanship at its core, Pinnacle Roofing Group is all about making sure every job is done right. Their team knows their stuff – from picking durable materials that last long to using methods that stand up over time.
    • Over many years, this group has seen pretty much everything Florida’s weather could throw at them – scorching heatwaves, torrential rains or gusty winds – nothing surprises them anymore! This wealth of experience helps them figure out exactly what your roof might need to stay strong against Central Florida’s challenging climate.
    • Knowing you’ve chosen preferred contractors like those at Pinnacle gives you that sought-after peace of mind; understanding fully well how stressful dealing with roof problems can be for homeowners. From start till end on any project big or small – smooth sailing and great service are what they aim for.
    • Why do people say these folks are among the very best roofers? It comes down to having a crew who aren’t just skilled but also deeply knowledgeable about getting each unique roofing task completed beyond expectations.
    • When talking about services offered by Pinnacle Roofing Group: whether residential buildings need inspections after storms hit hard or commercial spaces require complete makeovers including installing modernized systems such as asphalt shingles clay tiles concrete metal slate tile etc., there’s no challenge too daunting nor detail too minor for this versatile team ready tackle anything related roofer tasks head-on.


Welcome to our blog about the top-notch roofing contractor services we offer in Orange City. If your roof needs fixing, replacing, or if you’re looking to install a new one, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We’re known around here for being a go-to roofing contractor because we always aim to provide professional service with unmatched precision that leaves our customers happy and gives them peace of mind.

In our company, we get how crucial it is to have a sturdy and dependable roof over your head whether it’s for your home or business place. That’s why our team is filled with skilled professionals who know their way around various types of roofing projects big or small. No matter if it’s just some minor repairs or an entire roof replacement you need; we’re equipped with the right skills to do things perfectly.

Our range of services covers everything from shingle roofs and flat roofs all the way up to metal roofing options too. We tailor what we do specifically for both homeowners and businesses located in Orange City as well as nearby areas ensuring every job reflects high-quality workmanship meeting top standards.

Choosing us means opting for professionalism through every step along with keen attention paid towards details ensuring customer satisfaction remains at its peak throughout each project phase Our main objective? To equip your property not only with great looks but also secure protection lasting years down the line thanks largely due reliable service provided by true industry experts So rest easy knowing when it comes down handling anything related rooftops – Your cover’s truly got by capable hands

Our Comprehensive Roofing Solutions

When it comes to fixing or replacing your roof, our team has got everything under control. We’re really good at all sorts of things related to roofs, like patching them up when they leak or swapping out old ones for new and better versions. If you’ve got a problem with your roof leaking or just want something that’s tougher and saves more energy, we know exactly how to help.

With shingle roofs needing some work, whether it’s repairs or a total do-over, we’re here with top-notch materials and skills to make sure the end result looks great and lasts long. Shingle roofs are pretty popular among homeowners because they don’t cost too much but still look nice and can be customized in lots of ways. Our crew will take a close look at what’s going on with your shingle roof before suggesting the best way forward—fixing it up bit by bit or getting you a whole new one.

For those who have flat roofing needs, our services include expert installation as well as upkeep over time. Flat roofs are often seen on business buildings; taking care of them is special work that not everyone knows how to do right since these projects come with their own set of challenges for keeping things running smoothly without any leaks down the road. With us handling it though? You’ll get precisely what works best for your situation.

And if metal roofing sounds like something you’d want—it’s awesome for both houses and commercial spots because it keeps its shape forever almost doesn’t need much looking after once installed properly plus cuts down on heating/cooling costs—we’re totally prepared there too! Whether you lean towards sleek standing seam options or fancy metal tiles/shingles style-wise speaking), count on us making sure every piece fits perfectly together so this investment pays off big time moving ahead.

Residential Roofing Services for Homeowners

As a leading roofing contractor in Volusia County, we understand the unique roof needs of homeowners in this area. From new roof installations to repairs and replacements, we offer tailored solutions that fit your preferences and budget.

Our services cover everything from shingle roofing to new roof installations. We help you choose the perfect shingle roofing that not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also withstands Florida’s weather conditions. With a range of colors, designs, and materials available, your roof can both protect and complement your home’s style. It is important to always hire a licensed roofing contractor to ensure the safety and quality of your roof. As certified roofing contractors in the state of Florida, our license #CCC1332542 guarantees that we will complete your roofing project with the highest standards.

If you’re in Lake Helen or nearby areas and need prompt roofing assistance, whether for minor repairs or major damage, our team is ready to help. We’ll quickly assess the issue and provide efficient solutions to keep your home safe from inclement weather.

Commercial Roofing Services for Businesses

In our roofing business, we get that companies in Central Florida have their own special needs when it comes to roofs. Your commercial building deserves a roof that does more than just cover the top; it should also improve how your building works and looks.

For businesses around Orange City and nearby places, our roofing services are made just for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to fix or replace a flat roof or starting from scratch with a new roofing project for your place of work, including repairing damaged gutters, we’ve got the skills and tools needed to do an outstanding job.

Flat roofs are pretty common on commercial properties, but they need someone who really knows what they’re doing because of how unique they are. Our team has plenty of experience with flat roofing systems and can offer top-notch solutions so your roof lasts longer without any leaks.

We make sure to work closely with all kinds of businesses so there’s as little interruption as possible while we’re working on the roof. Our goal is always to finish up quickly without going over budget so everything about running your business goes smoothly even when we’re hard at work.

Shingle Roof Orange City, FL

Why Choose Pinnacle Roofing Group

When you’re picking a roofing contractor, it’s crucial to find one that guarantees top-notch work. At Pinnacle Roofing Group, we take pride in being recognized as an Atlas Diamond Preferred Contractor. This title is proof that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our field.

With a wealth of experience under our belts, our team tackles various roofing tasks from fixing storm damage to conducting thorough roof inspections. We know how important it is for services to be quick and dependable, especially after your roof has been hit by a storm.

We are dedicated to offering professional service throughout all stages of your project. From the moment you reach out until your roofing project is finished, we aim not just to meet but surpass your expectations and give you peace of mind.

Atlas Diamond Preferred Contractor Certification

Being an Atlas Diamond Preferred Contractor means we’ve really put in the effort to learn our craft and get certified. This shows how serious we are about doing top-notch work and giving you the best roofing solutions out there. By choosing us, homeowners and businesses can rest easy knowing they’re getting quality through every step of their roofing project.

With this certification from Atlas, a name you can trust when it comes to roofing materials, you know your roof is built to last. It’s all about having that peace of mind because the stuff covering your home meets some pretty tough standards.

On top of that, our special status lets us offer better warranties on what we install for you. So if anything goes wonky down the line, it gets fixed without any hassle or extra cost on your part. That’s another layer of assurance for both homeowners looking into a new roofing project and those concerned with maintaining excellence in workmanship over time.

Committed to Quality, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction

At Pinnacle Roofing Group, making sure we do an excellent job is something we take very seriously. We put the safety of our team and clients first and always aim to make our customers happy with every roofing project we handle.

Doing things right is what matters most to us. Whether it’s choosing high-quality materials or using the best methods out there, we’re all about being top-notch in everything related to roofing. Our crew of skilled professionals doesn’t just work hard; they also pay close attention to the little details that matter, ensuring your roof turns out perfectly.

When it comes to safety, nothing beats how careful we are. By following strict rules and keeping up with necessary training, along with sticking by industry standards for safe practices including wearing the right gear – you can trust that everyone’s well-protected during a roofing job.

Making our customers smile at the end of a project tells us we’ve done our work well. It’s why customer satisfaction isn’t just another box for us; it’s what drives us forward each day as part of delivering excellence through service beyond expectations.

Atlas Majestic Shake Shingle Orange City, FL

The Pinnacle Process: How We Work

When you go with Pinnacle Roofing Group, expect everything to run smoothly and professionally. From start to finish, we make sure every part of your roofing project gets the attention it deserves.

With us, things are different than at other roofing companies. We put a big focus on making sure the job is done right by people who know what they’re doing. Our skilled team uses the newest methods and materials out there to give you a roof that’s not just nice to look at but also does its job really well.

We get that getting a new roof or fixing up an old one can be a big deal money-wise. That’s why we take our time understanding exactly what you need, offer tailor-made solutions for your situation, and keep you in the loop all through your roofing journey.

Step 1: Free Roofing Inspection and Consultation

To kick things off, we start with a no-cost check-up of your roof and sit down to talk about it. Our goal is to arm you with all the info you need so you can make smart choices regarding your roofing project.

In this initial step, our crew takes a close look at your roof to spot any problems or areas that might cause worry later on. After we’ve done our homework, we’ll share what we found in an easy-to-understand report and suggest ways to fix these issues tailored just for what you need.

This chat time is also perfect for asking us anything that’s on your mind, talking over what you want out of this project, and getting advice from folks who know roofs inside out. We’re here every step of the way to clear up any confusion and make sure by the end of it all; you feel totally confident about how things are going with your roofing work.

Step 2: Customized Roofing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

After we finish checking everything out and talking it over, our skilled team will work closely with you to come up with roofing solutions just for you.

We get that every place is different, so what you need for your roof might not be the same as someone else. That’s why our team really listens to what you want, how much money you’re looking to spend, and what your dream outcome looks like. This way, we make sure the ideas we suggest are exactly what you’re hoping for.

Our experts in roofing have a lot of know-how from working on many projects before yours. They’ll give you great advice about which materials and styles would be best for your project while keeping an eye on all the important details. With their help, your new roof won’t just do its job well but also look amazing.

Step 3: Professional Installation with Minimal Disruption

After we’ve decided on the best solutions for you, our skilled team will start putting in your new roof. They know their stuff and come prepared to tackle any roofing project, big or small. This way, they get the job done right without messing up your day-to-day life too much.

We get that getting a new roof can be a bit of a hassle whether it’s at home or for your business. That’s why our folks work fast but carefully to keep the bother to you as low as possible. We’re all about keeping you in the loop, so expect us to stay in touch with updates from start to finish on how things are going and if there are any tweaks needed along the way.

Our team is really into making sure every roofing project shows off their top-notch skills and eye for detail. We aim high – wanting not just to meet but beat your expectations by giving you a roof that looks great, lasts long, and stands strong against whatever comes its way.

Proven Results: Case Studies and Testimonials

In Orange City, Port Orange, and the surrounding areas, our roofing company is really proud of the work we’ve done. We’ve finished a lot of projects for both homes and businesses, and our customers have been really happy with what we did for them. When you look at the stories from our past jobs and hear what people have to say about us, it’s clear that we do great work and make sure our customers are pleased.

With these examples of previous projects and all the good things people have said about us, we want to show new customers they can trust us. Our case studies show off how well we know different kinds of roofs, while customer compliments point out how friendly and professional our team is when working on your project.

Residential Roof Replacement Success Story

In Lake Mary, we tackled a roof replacement job that really stands out. The house had an old roof that was pretty worn out. Our team, packed with skilled professionals, took a good look and decided the best move was to replace the whole thing for the homeowner’s safety and to make sure their place lasted longer.

We picked top-notch materials and used our know-how to get the new roof up quickly without messing too much with daily life at home. In the end, not only did this give the house a fresh look but it also gave peace of mind knowing everything under that new roof is safe and sound.

Commercial Roofing Project Highlight

In Daytona, we got to tackle a roofing project on a commercial building that was pretty tricky because of its complex design. It had different levels and some really cool architectural bits.

Our team took a good look at the roof, figured out what needed fixing, and came up with a plan just for this building. Thanks to our top-notch skills and the best materials out there, we finished the job well and made sure our client was happy.

Now, the building has this strong roof that doesn’t just keep everyone safe inside but also makes it look better. This work shows how committed we are to doing an excellent job in commercial roofing projects no matter how tough they might be.

What Our Customers Say About Us

In Orange City, making our customers happy is what we’re all about at our roofing company. We love hearing how pleased people are with the work we’ve done for them. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • There were not the cheapest quote but they were the only ones to come out meet with me and spend over an hour with me answering my questions. The work got done quick and the new roof looks great. Call Pinnacle and ask for Doug. Real honest and knowledgeable guy who communicates throughout the whole process. After the roof was done they came out and cleaned up and removed all the tar that was in the walls. Call Doug and you’ll be taken care of- Mike Williams 
  • Pinnacle did an amazing job. From when Jon Christie came to quote until the crew finished the project, there was nothing but great customer service and quality work. I had a specific request to make sure there wasn’t screws and metal scrap left around the yard and driveway, and they went above and beyond to make sure my property was clean when they were finished. The crew was hardworking, polite, and did not interfere with our day to day life at all. Highly recommend! – Dave Donovan 

Our clients value us for being:

  • Professional with an eye for detail
  • Quick to respond and efficient in our tasks
  • Using high-quality materials along with skilled workers
  • Providing outstanding customer service and keeping in touch well
  • Trustworthyand dependable

We’re committed to keeping up our good name by offering top-notch roofing services like roof repair or replacement while ensuring everyone who hires us ends up satisfied with their experience

Pinnacle Roofing Group


Wrapping things up, Pinnacle Roofing Group is your go-to for any roofing work you need, perfect for homes and businesses alike. They really focus on doing a top-notch job that’s safe and makes customers happy. From the first check-up to putting in the new roof, their team has got it covered smoothly. People who’ve used them before have nothing but good things to say, showing they’re all about being great at what they do. So if you’re in Orange City looking for a trustworthy roofing contractor known for excellence and making sure their customers are satisfied, Pinnacle Roofing Group should be your pick for outstanding service that lasts.

Orange City, FL

Services We Offer

Residential Roofing Expert Roofing Contractor Orange City Services

Residential Roofing

Need to restore or replace your roof? No matter what type of roofing material you choose, Pinnacle Roofing Group only uses top-quality products. Not only does this ensure its longevity and durability, but we also choose products that are backed by the best warranties. We also offer gutter services by local roofing contractors to protect your home and skylights to add natural lighting.

Commercial Roof Expert Roofing Contractor Orange City Services

Commercial Roofing

There are a lot of decisions to be made when you own a business, like choosing the right roof contractor from tons of roofing companies, and we’re here to help make your roofing decisions easy. We have worked on a variety of commercial properties. Whether you have a sloped roof or a flat roof, we’ve got great commercial roofing solutions available.

Roof Replacement Expert Roofing Contractor Orange City Services

Roof Replacement

Every roof replacement we install is built by a thorough process to ensure your roof fits Florida building codes. Our exceptional local roofers in Sanford are skilled, experienced, and certified to replace old roof and install a roofing system that will guarantee your peace of mind and comfort throughout the entire process.

Roof Restorations Expert Roofing Contractor Orange City Services

Roof Repair

Not every roof needs to be replaced. Sometimes, roof repairs in Orlando will be the right solution to help your roof be stronger than ever. Further, it often costs a lot less than a replacement! If your roof needs to be restored, do not delay. We’ll help your roof get back into shape.


Seamless Gutters

Pinnacle Roofing Company in Central Florida provides quick, efficient installation of custom seamless gutters with affordable financing, lifetime warranties, and minimal disruption to customers’ routines.



Pinnacle Roofing Group, Central Florida’s highly-rated roofing contractor & skylight installer, offers high-quality, trouble-free installation of energy-efficient skylights, with affordable financing and lifetime warranties, and expert guidance for choosing the best solution.


What Makes Pinnacle Roofing Group Different from Other Contractors?

At Pinnacle Roofing Group, we’re not just any roofing company. We stand out because:

  • With our team of skilled professionals, we focus on doing a great job and making sure you’re happy with the service.
  • To give you peace of mind, we back up our work with a warranty.
  • Making sure our customers are satisfied is really important to us. We always aim to do better than what’s expected in every project.
  • Being open and honest is key for us. We make sure you know everything that’s happening during your roofing process.

How Long Does a Roofing Project Typically Take?

The length of time it takes to finish a roofing project can vary. It’s influenced by things like how big and complicated the job is, what the weather’s like, and whether we have all the materials we need on hand. With that said, our skilled team has a reputation for getting things done efficiently and on schedule. We put in hard work to make sure every roofing project gets wrapped up within an acceptable period without cutting corners on quality.

What Are the Financing Options Available?

We offer various payment plans for roof repairs or replacements to suit your budget, ensuring a stress-free experience. Pinnacle Roofing Group in Orange City is renowned for exceptional service and expertise in residential and commercial projects. Trust us for top-quality work and customer satisfaction. Contact us for all your roofing needs, big or small, and experience peace of mind with our skilled professionals.

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Our Accreditations

Pinnacle Roofing Group is always working towards being a better roofer because we want to offer the best to our customers. We are proud to be a BBB-accredited business with an A rating and are an Atlas Diamond Pro roofing contractor. All of our work is backed by the best warranties available to guarantee it.

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