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Pinnacle Roofing Group knows what home builders and homeowners are looking for in a skylight: top-quality, innovative technology, a wide-ranging selection, trouble-free installation, reliable long-life performance, competitive prices, and of course, plenty of daylight.

Pinnacle Roofing Group in Orlando offers skylight installation services so you can enjoy more sunlight in your home without worrying about the quality of your roof. You can rest assured that our installations result in an energy-efficient lighting solution that you can enjoy for years to come. Our team is here to review your options and help you choose the right skylight installation for your home and budget.

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Skylight FAQs

Are skylights prone to leaking?

Skylights can leak when they are improperly installed and not maintained well. You can minimize the chances of your skylight leaking by hiring a well-reviewed, professional installer, and having your skylights inspected annually. If repairs need to be made, get them done right away to avoid more expensive problems later on.

Do I need to maintain my skylight?

You can wash and maintain your skylight the same way you would your regular windows!

How long do skylights last?

Skylights will typically last up to 20 years, similar to a new roof.

Choose Pinnacle Roofing Group for Your Skylight Installation

When you’re deciding who to work with to install your new skylight, you’ll want to consider a few things:


Are they trusted experts in the area?


Do they have the knowledge and experience needed for a quality installation?


Will they listen to your needs and respect your budget?

At Pinnacle Roofing Group, the answer is yes, yes, and yes! Give us a call today to let us know where you’d like to install your next skylight. We can’t wait to help you turn your vision into reality!

Areas We Serve

Pinnacle Roofing Group is located in and provides roofing services to Orlando, FL, and the rest of the Central Florida area, including: