5 Questions to Ask Your Skylight Installer

Apr 11, 2023

Adding a skylight to your roof is an attractive investment with many benefits. Perhaps you haven’t thought about adding a skylight to your home, but consider these points! There are so many positives to a skylight!

Here is a short list of amazing benefits of a skylight:

  • Ventilation 
  • Health benefits such as reduced eye strain, improved mood, reduction in Seasonal Affective Disorder, and improved sleep cycles
  • Energy savings
  • Privacy 
  • Increased home value

So, perhaps this has piqued your interest and now you have some questions. Always use a trusted installer when putting in a skylight. Here are a few questions to start the conversation and hopefully assist with peace of mind when it comes to a new skylight. 

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What would be a good place to put a skylight? 

Many times if we consider for ourselves where a good location would be, we would probably lean toward the kitchen, bathroom, study, foyer, or bedroom. However, a professional installer can assist in deciding on a proper place due to the solar heat, light, and overall purpose of the skylight. 

  • Eastern-facing skylight – maximum light and solar heat in the mornings
  • Western-facing skylight – best for afternoon heat and light
  • Southern-facing skylight – best light and solar gain in the colder months, but quite hot in summer
  • Northern-facing skylight – the consistent amount of natural light throughout the day

What is the best type of skylight to install? 

There are literally thousands of skylight types to choose from! They vary from materials used, to glass types, to Energy Star ratings. Would you prefer a skylight that opens? A dome skylight?  Definitely discuss with your skylight installer the options available and the options you desire. 

Are skylights prone to leakage? 

When a skylight is not installed correctly, problems can arise. This is the reason to trust a qualified installer. Pinnacle Roofing Group in Altamonte Springs has been installing skylights for years and we completely understand the process of properly and safely installing a quality skylight. It is wise to have your skylight inspected yearly for any seals that have begun to leak and need some attention. Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of the skylight. 

Would I need to consider a skylight blind? 

Again, depending on where the skylight is installed, could be a determining factor in whether a skylight blind should be considered or not. Sun streaming through the window can be an uncomfortable additional source of heat, especially in the heat of the summer months. Curtains and blinds can help diminish the excessive heat. They come as motorized or manual. Be sure to discuss this when you chat about the placement of the skylight. 

What kind of warranty do you offer with your skylight? 

Some warranties cover parts and products, while others cover accidental damage caused by general misuse, faulty building design, and natural disasters. Warranties cover anywhere from 10 to 20 years, so it is wise to inquire. 

Place your trust in a qualified reliable roofing contractor! Pinnacle Roofing Group is here to help you with all of your skylight questions. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options and desires in bringing the good from the outside world into your home through a skylight. 

Justin Coltharp

Justin Coltharp

Pinnacle Roofing Group Owner